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3D Scanning

3-D Scanning is a fast and accurate method of putting physical measurements of an object onto the computer in an organized manner, resulting in what is commonly called 3D Scan data. The 3D Scan data is represented with a scale digital model or a 3D Graphical rendering.

Once the Scan data is on the computer, all the dimensions of the physical object can be taken, such as length, width, height, volume, feature size, feature location, surface area etc.

The 3D Scan data is used as a bridge between the candidate object and modern manufacturing. This is achieved by converting the data into computer-aided design, (CAD) models, importing it into the infinite number of CAD tools available to suit your needs.

The result is an automated environment whereby imagination becomes reality. 3D Scanning expands the world of your imagination, and offers you the option of precise duplication of finely detailed objects like never before achieved.

Digital manipulation includes Scaling, Inverting, Mirroring of existing object, or one-off prototype.

We offer the following formats, which accommodates virtually all CNC systems with 3-axis machining capabilities.


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